Remember Your Roots

Branching out and expanding your brand marketing is a great way to bring in new customers that may not have ever come across your products.  However, it seems like there is a growing trend in this industry where companies that were built from bodybuilding are leaning further and further away from what brought them into this business.

Most of us didn’t find out about supplements from TV commercials or while watching an MMA fight.  We found them while flipping through an issue of FLEX or MD magazine.  Back then, supplement companies were underground and featured a monster bodybuilder lifting weight that would likely crush a normal person.  These days, you’re more likely to see a crossfitter doing a bodyweight exercise or an MMA fighter hitting the bag then have an actual bodybuilder in an ad.  I don’t get it.  When I first started lifting weights I didn’t want to look like Chuck Liddell or my fitness enthusiast neighbor down the street, I wanted to look like Ronnie Coleman!

Don’t get me wrong, I love MMA and have no beef with Crossfit, I just hate the idea of this industry becoming corporatized.  It blows my mind that companies founded by bodybuilders are now getting advice from people that have never lifted a day in their life.   These corporate types are far more focused on how they can squeeze the most money out of a customer rather than making a quality product that assist you in building muscle or losing body fat.  What I’ve always liked about working for Nutrex is that we know where we came from and stay true to what got us into this business to begin with, a passion for hardcore, no frills bodybuilding!

You know what I’m listening to right now?  As I’m writing this I can hear the owner of Nutrex slamming down weights and blasting AC/DC in our gym.  That’s the soundtrack throughout our days.  When I think of a supplement company, this is what I always envisioned.  After work I’m not going to the Crossfit across the street (literally across the street) or MMA gym 5 minutes from here, I’m going to lift weights and try and look Zack Khan.


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2 comments on Remember Your Roots

  1. Vicky says:

    Great blog!! I’m not a beefy yet by any means but I am trying to get! In time I will have blossomed into something bigger. But with every magazine I pick up I don’t know what is good for me. There are to many choices and seem to all do the same thing. I’m just looking for something to help me grow. Tired of being the skinny mom. I want to be the OMG LOOK THAT IS HER MOM. :)

  2. Dano says:

    Hey i really love how inspirational this is i am not a beefy guy im trying to get in shape i to be.honest havent even.tried it yet i actually just stumbled across this a couple months back i was going to.the gym daily two times a day 3 hours each every day with saturday and.sunday off and.when.i wasnt.working out i was.still jogging and.cutting my food backnto smaller portions and.healthier portions as well as.foods i have tried everything i have tried weigh protein shakes lipozine and.creatine dar nothing has.worked at all i worked harder.than alot.of.people at the gym and so far no real.outstanding results the guy people c n.go.from wow look at him he is fat to wow look at him what muscle do i start with if u got let me know because im almost.clueless now